Ты хочешь узнать о себе то, о чём ты даже не догадывался, понять, зачем ты живёшь, быть счастливым и свободным?
Радиопередача «Путешествие в Бесконечность»

Andrey Depero
"Journey to Infinity" is a way of life, vision of the world. Life around us is beautiful and self-sufficient every second. It is full and harmonious. This and everything around is you - Infinity. You don’t need to go anywhere, just try to see where we are. And suddenly you start to realize that you have always been here - in the very place you tried to reach. And this is Journey to Infinity. On our site you can always listen and download the programs. You can also find here videos of talks with different masters.

Interview with Andrei Depero the magazine "7Минут"

Andrey Depero

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