You cannot do meditation. You are meditation. Meditation is not an action. You cannot do it, cannot practice it. You cannot meditate. You can only be a meditation. Meditation is a very simple thing. Any enforcement to do something is very tiresome and pointless. Just being. And this is meditation. You are freedom, whatever happens to you. You are free from it. Just live as you do it. Just being. Happiness to be yourself. Moreover, meditation, music for which you can download free on our website allows you to get rid of useless worries, and get a portion of inner harmony and a special, incomparable peace.  

Thoughts come and go by themselves, because wisdom removes restrictions. And this is natural liberation. But if you don’t think about anything at all and then suddenly order your thoughts to stop, then you are hopelessly stupid. If you begin to concentrate your mind on yourself, and contemplate it until it becomes calm, it is not meditation, but disease. If you begin to concentrate your mind on peace, you'll get only fake peace. What is meant by meditation? It means no limits, no obstacles. It is above any situation, both good and bad. Thus, music for meditation, which you can download here for free will help you to experience the condition, which positively affects not only emotional but also physical condition. You can rest and gather strength. 

Note that meditation is not an action. For what meditation is useful? For nothing. Meditation is what you are. You are meditator who meditates on himself, perceiving himself at every moment. Being meditates on itself. This is what you are - meditation. When you try to do meditation, it’s not meditation, it is the idea to improve yourself, an attempt to control something, desire to move meditatively in harmony and thereby to reach self-knowledge. This is an attempt to bring to harmony that what is already a perfect harmony long ago. The idea "I must harmonize something" is the idea of separation. This is the idea that you're standing outside and know better than others. Behind it hides "Self", which would like to treat creation. The one who tries to make world better, who made his judgement about the world. And this judgement is: "Bad, could be better. Must be improved, by me". Everyone is such person who tries to make world better, a little god. The one who knows better how being should be. In this regard, meditation is a part of the repertoire of the idea about improvement.

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